Efficient, light weight and fault tolerant advanced traction machines are required for advanced passenger and commercial vehicle applications. These machines need to be built using state-of-the art and developing technologies which focus on shrinking the size and increasing the power-to-weight ratio.

Over decades, SDT has gained wide-ranging experience in the automotive sector working with clients providing services with design, development, and the supply of electric machine drives, carrying through many projects in close cooperation with electric motor manufacturers, automotive electric motor drive companies.

SDT has undertaken work for clients in a diverse range of sectors, including,

  • High speed gear motor topology
  • One motor per vehicle topology
  • Geared wheel motors topology
  • Radial flux wheel motors topology
  • Axial flux wheel motors topology
  • Hybrid motor topology
  • Electric power steering system


SDT' provide hands-on project management, engineering excellence, accurate cost estimates, fit-for-purpose engineering and consistency. We focus our efforts on providing professional service with no surprises, and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Automotive applications
Automotive applications
Automotive applications