Value-Added OEM Custom Motor Assemblies

Value-Added OEM Custom Motor Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies & Complete Turnkey Products

SDT develops close technical and business relationships with OEM customers in order to enhance their competitiveness. We provide "more than just a motor & drive" by developing custom solutions for each customer's specific needs which adds value and convenience in a cost efficient manner.

We offers OEMs the option of procuring value-added custom electromechancial motor/ drive assemblies, sub-assemblies, or complete turnkey product solutions. These custom OEM value-added assemblies complement the motor or gear motor selection and are often more cost effective for OEMs, by reducing assembly times, SKUs, purchased parts and freeing up production time for other core competencie

Custom value-added OEM component motor assemblies & sub-assemblies:

  • Mounting brackets, housings, frames or enclosures
  • Encoders and tachometers
  • Electromechanical brakes and clutches
  • Custom electronic controls
  • Harnesses, cord sets and terminations
  • Custom packaging
  • Other