Rotating Equipment & Power Solutions

Rotating Equipment & Power Solutions

SDT Drive Technology is a leader in providing a fit purpose and custom solutions for upgrade, design, development and monitoring and diagnostics electric rotating machines of rotating equipment for both the oil & gas and power generation industries.

SDT has the experience necessary to manage your assets by providing all design & support services that will enable reliable and cost effective operation. You can focus on managing your business while we take responsibility for the design and system reliability of your electric rotating machines of rotating equipment, applying our industry leading technical expertise, and management processes.

We supporting a wide range of equipment from most major motor manufacturers and OEMs, including:

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Gearboxes
  • Power, Gas, & steam turbines

SDT has the experience to address and meet the challenges that are unique to your operations. We deliver value-added services to improve the performance and reliability of your rotating equipment.

Large Electrical Rotating Machines

Large electrical macines (motors, generators, actuators) form the backbone of chemical, power, oil and gas industries driving fans, kiln, compressors, pumps and other critical applications in manufacturing processes.

Unlike small electric machiines, most of the large electric machines are usually custom engineered to meet special application demands of torque, starting time, inrush current, acceleration time and efficiency. Besides the electrical specifications, the motor manufacturer is also required to meet stringent temperature, vibration and noise requirements.


We have significant experience of managing mature equipment and are skilled in applying the latest technologies to extend the life cycle of your assets and optimize productivity.