Switch Reluctance Motors

Switched reluctance motors

Switched reluctance motors (SRM) are relatively new entrants in the rapidly developing variable speed drives market. The primary feature is simple construction. The SRM’s simple structure will likely make it less expensive than other types of motors.

In the switched reluctance motor both the rotor and the stator have salient poles. This doubly salient arrangement proves to be very effective as far as electromagnetic energy conversion is concerned. The rotor, which is made from machined steel, has no windings or magnets and is therefore cheap to manufacture.

Applications include low power fans, to high power electric vehicles. Some of these are novel applications that are not possible using other technologies,

whilst others are in head to head competition with induction motors.

At SDT, we have experience in the design and prototyping of SRM motors. Many years of experience in analysing, designing, testing, and evaluating products has allowed us to accumulate a wide range of knowledge enabling us to recommend the reluctance machine when most appropriate. Please see engineering services >.