Every day we are approached by clients that are simply looking for advice over a technology or engineering problem. The questions come in numerous forms, and often include:

  • A competitor has introduced a new product which customers in my segment like - how can I respond?
  • Can I take cost out of my product, yet keep its functionality?
  • My product development is behind schedule - can I get an independent perspective and a recovery plan?

SDT understands what it takes to bring innovative products to market, and our constant monitoring of changing needs allows our clients to stay ahead of the competition.

With our industry expertise and deep knowledge of applicable technologies we are able to offer high quality, practical and deliverable advice to our clients and help them to successfully find solutions to these issues.

Specifically, For electric drive application, system designers need to specify and procure the most cost effective and appropriate electric motor drives for their application, We help our customers to define their drive specifications and make the necessary design trade offs. We advice on the best motor drive technologies to use in variety of applications and a suitable suppliers for these products, based on the customers overall requirements and constraints.

If your company is not interested to outsource its development or part of the development, but prefers to develop in house, SDT offers consulting services to assist your development team to gain experience in the electrical drive field. Even if the electrical drive is not a key function in your product justifying to hire a specialist, using SDT at the beginning of the design will prevent the electrical drive becoming the weak point limiting its general performances.

In addition, we can assist electric motor drive manufacturers with the designing, improving & upgrading of existing products incorporating new technology, rare earth permanent magnet DC motors, brushless motors, worm, spur & planetary gearboxes helping our customers provide innovative, reliable products to their customers and gain that crucial competitive edge.

Whether it's developing new technology or advising on the application of new technology, SDT is well placed to help.