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The Company

SDT Drive Technology is a highly technological and engineering company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of motors generators, actuators and drives and has been in business for over 20 years. With an established heritage, the range of services offered enables us to support our clients through a knowledge led approach to technology, innovation and product development.

Today in an era of rapid technological advancement, SDT continues this tradition by assisting customers with designing, improving and upgrading existing products incorporating new technologies.

SDT began over two decades ago by designing problem-solving electric machines and drives and acts as a source of design and development for the electric motor manufacturing sector, as most motor manufacturers have a shortage of design specialists.

Since early 2000 we have built up strong partnerships with electric motor manufacturers and have provided them with our expertise in design, offering added value for custom product solutions. These partnerships have been established through our engineering, R&D and business initiatives as well as our investment in equipment and tooling.

Continued growth has enabled SDT to offer and further develop a broad range of products such as Brushless DC Motors, DC Brushed Motors, AC Motors, Traction Motors, Servo Motors, Drives, Controllers Gear motors, Gearboxes and Linear Guides. SDT custom products are cost effective and known for their rugged construction and excellent performance.

SDT also pride ourselves in the ability to be extremely responsive and competitive in providing solutions for our customers, surpassing their expectations in fulfilling their specific requirements.

By working across a wide range of industries including, aerospace, automotive, energy and health care, we can provide world class solutions to a wide range of engineering problems. We focus on working as an extension to our customer’s design capability from the outset, developing motor and drive concepts for both small and high volume applications that meet exacting technical and commercial specifications.

We have, in the past developed various generic types of electrical machines, as well as having proven experience in designing machines for specialist or difficult environments, often by developing patentable new technologies. SDT have been instrumental in pushing forward the performance of SR and Brushless DC designs. Our work ranges from milliwatts to megawatts, and from 0 to ¼ million rev/min.

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