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Our electric machine technology articles and news has been featured in
Drives & Controls magazine and Eureka Magazine.

For your conveniance we have listed the articles below.

August 2012

Motor :  Companies look to develop alternatives to rare earth motors

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May 2012

Motor :  Assessing the attractions of permanent magnet motors

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May 2011

Motor : the challenges and opportunities

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February 2011

Motors develop to greater efficiencies and cost savings.

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November 2010

Brushless motors achieve quiet efficiency,
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March 2010

Direct Drive Machines for Transportation and Renewable Energy applications, March 2010
Drives & Controls magazine.

May 2009

Smaller, lighter and more efficient motor drives using advanced magnetic materials Drives & Controls, May 2009.
Drives & Controls magazine.

April 2008

Getting to grips with brushless drives
Drives & Controls magazine.

June 2005

In-wheel motors put a new spin on mobility
Drives & Controls magazine