Electric Motor Drive Manufacturers

Products  for Electric Motor Drive Manufacturers

SDT acts as a source of   design & development for the electric motor drive manufacturing sector. High-tech motors and geared motors designed independently for each application and aimed at industrial  products for leading OEMs.

SDT has an enviable record of working with our clients to take truly hi-tech gear motor drive technology products and systems into the market place. It’s something we’ve been doing for many years.

Return on Investment

Our specification-driven development ensures that the requirements of the market, standards and your manufacturing department are considered from the outset. Rigorous project management techniques ensure product cost and return on investment targets are fiercely guarded throughout the development process.

If you need a new product that really will generate a return on your investment. Motor drive technology is our business. Whether you want a clear cost advantage or rapid time to market, we can minimise your risk and maximise the value added to your business. It's something we do every day

Right Product/Right Price

As an expert leader in design & development; we construct bespoke work programmes that actively manage our client’s commercial risk. Early phases rapidly home in on the optimum product to meet the specification and our clients are helped to make the right choices that enable the product to hit its cost targets.

Transfer to Production

Our knowledge of and access to many of the world's most advanced sub-contract manufacturers will complement your own production capabilities. More importantly, SDT will take your new product all the way through to production.

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For many years, SDT has worked with both motor manufacturers & OEM companies and, as a result, has an enviable track record of successful design and development projects. For further information on how we could help you, simply click on the Contact Us.