Engineering Overview and DesignEngineering Overview and DesignEngineering Overview and Design


Meeting the individual needs of sustainable energy producers, we deliver solutions to maximize the availability of wind turbines, wave energy systems and other renewable energy projects. Our innovative integrated services range from engineering concept, design through to prototyping

Our skilled engineers apply in-depth knowledge of engineering design and development services needed to ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions to wind farms.

Together with our network of supply chain partners, we provide a range of specialised services aligned to your individual requirements.

We have also led development projects to improve the technical feasibility and cost effectiveness of renewable marine energy schemes, including wave & tidal energy production facilities.


We are at our customers side from the planning stage, design concept to prototyping, providing solutions to meet special requirements and for the most cost-effective performance. With our focus on individual industrial needs we apply the latest technology to meet the needs of our customers.

Owing to the close customer relations and continuous development of electric machine products, well thought-out drive solutions can always be offered to this industry sector.