Motion is at our core

Motion is at our core

SDT is an engineering firm which brings together key services in engineering, knowledge and technology, to the electric machines & drive business.

Today in an era of rapid technological advancement, SDT continues this tradition by assisting customers with the designing, improving and upgrading of existing products incorporating new technology.

We developed the direct drive technology that enables some of today’s most remarkably innovative machines.

Our intellectual knowledge, our passion and experience are testament to our pursuit of motion excellence. And because of our heritage of customization, we see opportunities, not obstacles.

Every day, we push the boundaries of motion. Creating Better Products for Tomorrow

Here’s how we do it.

Our expertise is unparalleled

With design expertise and application knowledge and rapid customization and prototyping, SDT outperforms others in helping you build differentiated equipment and get it to market faster. Our solutions combine engineering services and best-in-class motion components for a superior, single-source solution.

We offer the broadest product range in the industry

Standard, modified, custom and new– enabling the broadest range of solutions for you. And you can depend on our integrated, optimized systems and components to cut development times. The optimal solution often is not clear-cut. Our application expertise allows us to modify standard products or develop totally custom solutions across our whole product portfolio.