Gearbox & Transaxle Drives

Gearmotors & Transaxle drive systems

Gearboxes & TransaxlesGears are the most common transmission elements because they can transmit large torques with the use of small-sized motors. Hence, the systems are compact. A gearmotor design, consists of a motor and gearbox in an integral assembly. The motor portion of the assembly can be either dc or ac powered. The gearbox portion can use planetary, spur, helical, or worm gears.

These gearmotor designs are categorized as follows:

  • Worm Gearmotors
  • Double Reduction Gearmotors
  • In-line Gearmotors
  • Planetary Gearmotors

Transaxle Drive Systems

Electric vehicles come in different sizes and require the most reliable components - the most critical of which are the drive systems. These components must be designed to fit into the most compact envelope possible, and must be able to handle extremely wide variations in load, speed, temperature and environmental conditions. SDT can offer design assistanceto match the customer's requirements with the best drive solution. Cost, gear mesh efficiency, noise, power, and durability.

Typical Applications: Battery Operated Drive Systems for: Floor care Equipment, Scooters, Golf Carts, Electric Vehicles, Portable Machines, etc.

Design Assistance

Design assistanceThe requirements for drive solutions are many and varied, and only rarely a standard unit can be used "out-of-the-box", if the intention is to achieve an optimal result. Please see engineering services >.

We can help select the right motor drive for your application. Starting with a list of all the potential solutions, evaluating the advantages and drawbacks of each solution, our experience in this field will help you to rapidly select the more promising design solution. To find out how we can help you Contact us > .